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Domaine les Trois Toits Muscadet

Domaine des Trois Toits was built on the old foundation of an ancient abbey established there in the 17th century. The cave is built entirely of stone and its roof is marked by three peaks – thus its name: “Trois Toits” or three roofs.  The vineyards are situated within the confines of the village of Vertou. Vertou is traversed by the river “Sevre” which gives its name to the appellation: Muscadet de Sevre et Maine, Loire Valley France.  
This Melon de Bourgogne is grown in an oceanic climate which makes it a perfect, crisp, white wine to pair with our coastal seafood or while writing Christmas cards in front of a fire.


Freshness is a glass. This is bone dry, ultra-crisp, laser-like white wine. Just mouth-watering: notes of Meyer lemon, green apple, and bergamot extract fill out the mid-section and earthy complexity lingers on the back end. While these zippy fruit flavors quench the thirst, layered beneath are bits of steeliness, cellar wall, mineral granite, freshly sliced white mushrooms, and Champagne yeast. There is a savory/sea salt note very reminiscent of the balance in fine Champagne. Just thirst quenching, with great staying power on the finish.

Type: Wine

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