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by Carrie Cox October 20, 2020

From Sam Baxter:


"Dear Terra Valentine family,
As you probably know, a devastating forest fire is ravaging the Napa Valley and many people have lost their homes and businesses. Sadly, these fires have also affected Terra Valentine. On Sunday night, a large fire ignited by embers blowing from the other side of the valley spread to our area and burned rapidly through our 112 acre Spring Summit Ranch. Courageous fire fighters valiantly defended the Lookout House as the fire raged through, but the fire burned back during the second night and the house was lost early Tuesday morning.
We have had many amazing days there enjoying wine on the deck basking in the expansive views sharing laughter and stories with our old friends and with new friends. These times will not be forgotten and will guide us as we breath new life into that special place so that we can once again enjoy a great bottle of wine with great people at Spring Summit Ranch.
Fortunately our barrels of wine from the 2019 vintage and our bottled wines from previous vintages are resting safely in remote locations outside of harms way. While the vineyards on Spring Mountain and around the region will mostly be unharmed by the fire, the grapes that we had planned to harvest this fall will not be made into wine.
Many of our neighbors have also lost homes and wineries and our hearts are with them as we all collectively mourn and hold on to the threads of hope for the future of our mountain community. As we go through these difficult times, we are overwhelmingly lifted by all of the love and support that you have poured out to us and we want you to know that it means so much to us.
We have spent the last 5 years pouring our love and dedication into that estate and we know that the best of times still lie ahead. This journey will not be easy and it will be only because of the loyal support of all of you, our friends and family, and the collective Napa Valley community that we will get through this. So tonight, raise a glass of Terra Valentine wine, send good thoughts to Spring Mountain and the Napa Valley as these fires rage on, and if you were one of the lucky ones to have enjoyed time at the Lookout House, remember it and let it bring a smile to your face.
Sam and Angela Baxter
Terra Valentine and Foretell Wines
P.S. A great way to help out during this crisis is to support Napa Valley wines from your favorite producers."

Carrie Cox
Carrie Cox


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