2304 Main Street Olde Towne Daphne

2. Serda Tidewater 6pk

Tidewater – Vienna  A smooth malty amber mainstay with clean moderate hop bitterness in balance with toasty sweetness.  Floral and spicy in both malt and hop aroma, but easy drinking and satisfyingly complex.Profile Notes:  Pouring a reddish amber with a tight creamy white head, the sparkling carbonation releases refreshing floral and spicy aromas from both the toasted malts and noble hops.  Once settled in in the mug, the carbonation subsides to a smooth and slightly sweet quaff with a hint of caramel and a kiss of herbal hops.  Moderate body with  short lingering flavor makes this brew a perfect companion to any type of meal.

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Type: Craft Beer

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